has studied the trends in educational websites for 2018 and produced a list of the Top 100 best education websites. They are broken down into 10 categories of 10.  The first category I picked to explore was the Humanities and Arts.  These are my thoughts…


MRUniversity is an economics based website that offers great videos based around macro and micro economics. A login is required but it’s free to sign-up.  “Learn Economics, Understand your World” is the tag line and thats exactly what it teaches.  The lessons are for older students set up for ease of understanding. They also have practice questions to review what you have learned. A “Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics” certificate can be awarded to you if you pass the final exam. It shows up in your MRU profile.

Stanford History Education Group

Stanford History Education Group has several great projects, the most noted was “Reading like a Historian” and “Beyond the Bubble”. While a login is required to download and look at lessons. It’s free to sign-up and worth it as they have projects based around history.

My first lesson was the Historical Thinking Chart. Sound boring?  This chart has an amazing amount of information.  It shows the education standards of the past, when we really taught school, not to pass a test but to learn to be better humans and have respect for our shared history and the lessons it can teach us.

National Endowment for the Arts

National Endowment for the Arts is a wonderful website to gain understanding about the Arts going on now around the world.  They offer downloads of many publications on a diverse number of subjects including dance, music, theater, and many others.  I chose to download the e-book “Art Around Us”.  It is well written and full of great information.


ICivics is a wonderful site. Lessons are searchable by standards and include the entire curriculum.  This site makes learning about government fun while the kids barely notice they are learning.  Included worksheets with answers make it easy for teachers to use.  One of the activities was to learn the Bill of Rights by running a law firm and pairing the right lawyers to the correct client needs.  My seventh grader played for about two hours.

Foreign Language by Kids for Kids

Foreign Language by Kids for Kids is a great website for learning a foreign language. I was skeptical at first, watching it by myself, but when my kids joined me, they were completely involved. They loved it and asked to watch more. You can try this website out for 48Hrs for free but after that you will need to pay a monthly fee between $15-$25 dollars dependent on how many children you will be teaching.  They are very helpful if you need to call and get help, or have difficulty canceling your subscription.


Duolingo is an amazing FREE language course. Easily organized and easy to use. They offer many different languages, including some lesser know languages such as Arabic and High Valyrian.  They also offer a course in Klingon, so Star Trek fans, this is for you. 

Creating a Masterpiece

Creating a Masterpiece is a website that offers art classes for the beginner all the way to advanced.  You have two choices of payment. Monthly or Yearly.  The base core classes for beginners is $20 a month and includes levels 1-5. You can also get an All Access Pass for $40 a month.  Your other option is to pay for a class for a year.  

They offer one free lesson, but you have to sign-up and “purchase” the free lesson.  Each lesson has a supply list and link to purchase supplies.  tips and tricks, the finished image, and lesson videos.  The videos are well made and easy to follow along with.

Learn Liberty

“Explore the ideas of a free society” that is what Learn Liberty is successfully doing by running this website.  They do everything from answering the big questions, like “Why is collage so expensive” to “An alternative to welfare.”  They state on their site that while they do not have all the answers, they do have opinions and discussions from real people on the topics people want to know about. You can even submit your own questions.

Their list of experts is extensive and somewhat overwhelming, but each expert has a short bio, that introduces you to their work and beliefs. ┬áThe opportunity to better yourself and the world around you is literally right at your fingertips with Learn Liberty’s help.

Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy is a wonderful website that offers free step-by-step video piano lessons. The videos are simple by design and easy to follow.  My 2nd grader was able to play a song after just one lesson.


Busuu is a foreign language site, with their best feature being, you can converse with real people.  You must create an account and sign it to learn, but you have access to the basics for FREE. The site is easy to navigate and a simple design makes it not too busy.  The premium content allows you access to; advanced grammar, offline mode, real conversations with real people, and McGraw-Hill Education certificates.  An independent study by City of New York states that “22 hours of busuu premium = 1 collage semester of language study”. There is also a mobile app, so you can take it with you.

Homeschool Spanish Academy

Homeschool Spanish Academy uses interactive learning through Skype. They offer flexible scheduling, lesson plans and assignments. Classes are either 25 mins or 50 mins.  You set up when you want to learn your lessons.  There is a charge with the best value being 60 classes @ $9.98 each. This is equivalent to two semesters which equal 1 high school credit. While I didn’t try a class due to the scheduling, I did watch testimonials with students that really seemed to like it quite a bit.

These are only mine and my children’s opinions.

Thanks, The Mom