Education… is hard

It snuck up on us, we were unaware it was happening.  Our schools are no longer teaching our children to be functioning adults, they are teaching them to be sheeple! 

It’s not the teachers, they have no control over what they teach or  how they teach it. They are also not allowed to “GET CONTROL” of their classes. If some kid wants to talk while the teacher talks, that’s okay he has (insert any number of reasons here). Can’t sit still, no problem, we will buy them special chairs that mimic moving around. Still not teaching SELF-CONTROL are we.

As if that wasn’t enough we are no longer teaching history, no more recess, lunch is too short and no talking is allowed.  They teach to the test, and the test does not prepare our kids for real life.

In sports we have no winners, everyone is given a prize. In no world outside our education system, that tells people that everyone is a winner and no-one is a loser.  We are setting our children up for failure. 

The Mom

“We could cripple a generation by using only cursive and stick shifts”

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